Landmark Tower U2 Studio

People have their own impositions about housing, but it is necessary to speculate
and make proposals about ways of living in the future.
The relationship between living and working space has changed tremendously
already. This project confronts life and looks for new ways of habitation. The internal structure of the building gives responses to fundamental questions about
habitation and life. A message about the New Age should be delivered. Generous
spaces for communication or regeneration, playground for children and green ambients shall be brought as usual assets to our immediate proximity. They shall
blur the limits of living side-by-side and shorten the distances between private
and public spaces. They shall support the “together” by blurring all kind of boundaries... by bearing the truly important things in our minds... Statement
As the site will heavily allow a constructional expansion due to the surrounding
river, the building shall reflect its architectural dignity on the water: a reflection of
its genuine face along time... writing its own story with lightning colours of existence over the shadows of our lives.
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